Meet the Character: Amira

Warning! Spoilers for Ignited ahead 🙂

If you’ve read Ignited, you know that Amira is somewhat of a tricky character in that you never get to know her…not the real Amira anyway. During the course of Ignited, Jura is on a quest to discover who is behind her father’s entrapment. Just once you (the reader) is rewarded with the (duuuhhh) knowledge that Amira was behind it all I drop a whammy plot twist on you!

altaww’am :this is one of those fun moments us writers get to have when inspiration strikes. I was watching the Vampire Diaries and I suddenly just had this ah, ha! moment and the idea of the evil doppleganger was born. In the world of Jangbahar, the altaww’am is a creature capable of taking the form of another, simply by digesting their blood.

Submerged offers readers a chance to get to know Amira, the real Amira and she is a young woman with fierce determination and strength. A woman who’s story is just getting started.

So now there are two Amiras. One evil and one that is…mostly good. She is, after all, human.


She was beautiful, calm, deadly. It was hard to envision that the beautiful young woman was actually miles away hidden where only the Everflame knew. Amira was not Amira at all. She was altaww’am, and she would kill him if she knew he’d learned her secret.”

-Beshar, Submerged



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