This Month’s Obsession: June

Ah, summer time means summer reading! 🙂 I don’t know if everyone is as lucky as I am, but for me the summer means new releases and plenty of time lounging outdoors and enjoying them! So I figured I would introduce a new monthly segment where I tell you my latest book obsession and blab all about why I love it.

For June, I’ve selected the The Color Alchemist series by Nina Walker.

Here’s what’s amazing about it:

First of all this is a COMPLETE series. I know, there are TONS of readers out there who don’t like the commitment of an entire series, especially one without an end date. Well have no fear because this baby is done, it’s beautiful and there are FOUR OF THEM!

Now, let’s talk about why I’m obsessed. The magic 🙂 🙂 I love a new and unusual magic system (which is why Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorites) and Walker manages to create a new and interesting take on magic where gifted individuals are capable of drawing various magics from color. The magic depends on the color utilized but no one is capable of accessing the color red until…well, obviously someone does because otherwise we wouldn’t have a story!

Aside from the magic there are interesting and relatable characters with rich friendships and TWO swoon worthy romantic sub plots.

So if you’re looking for a new read you might want to pick up Prism by Nina Walker. I bet you’ll enjoy it 🙂color alchemist

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