Meet the Character: Coral

It’s Friday so it’s time for another character sketch from the Dance of the Elements series.  With the release of Submerged fast approaching there is one new character to the series who might try to steal the show:

Coralyn Cur’En daughter of the Grand Wave Master and king of the three oceans. If you’ve read Ignited, you know that her father is powerful and that his nation is on the brink of a war. Coral is accustomed to getting whatever she wants and as you can imagine, she’s a bit of brat.

At first.  But then, plot! And I think you’ll be surprised to see her growing on you! Suddenly this sixteen-year-old whining brat is a young woman with a tempestuous temper and a quest for revenge.



“Child I might be, but I am still your Wave Mistress. You can tell me what you know or not, but your actions won’t change my mind. I’m going to land.”

–Coral, Submerged

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