Your Story: Part Three

I bet you’re probably thinking: how did you get here? You can’t quite recall how we met or who said the first word (it was you, by the way) and now here you are.  I imagine you, sitting over there nonchalant with your toes tucked up under you, hiding in the crevice of your bare kneecaps, seeking warmth. You’re pretending like you don’t care, like this moment doesn’t matter but you can’t pretend forever.
You know what you did.

…and it’s time the world did too.

You were so alive. You don’t even know what I mean by that, you don’t even see it. You don’t see that your smile can end worlds. You were so sure of yourself that day, back when I heard that husky voice of yours for the first time. You probably thought you were being coy, your smile at half mast. You leaned over and said:

I mean is what I did that big of a deal? We all step over others to get what we want sometimes. Right?”

Is that right? I suppose it is. You certainly believed it at the time. And I believed you, needed to believe you. Those eyes of yours, they seemed to see that secret place inside of me. You don’t think you’re to blame for what happens next, but trust me, you are.

You see, it was you and your actions that led us both here now. You over there, casually reading this while the dim lighting of the screen illuminates your face and for once you don’t look beautiful you just look eerie. Don’t you see it yet? Don’t you realize that everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you.


You’re breathing harder now, faster and heavier because you are finally coming to understand, no you know that I am right.

You can’t judge me over there. Not when you don’t even have the entire story. But please, don’t despair. I’m sharing those secrets with you now.

This body…this blood on my clothes. NONE of this matters if you can’t understand me. HEAR me.

Heh…you’re wondering who I killed now, aren’t you? You’re not even surprised because you saw this coming. You knew what I would do and yet you waited. And that makes you just as liable as me…to be continued.

Thanks for joining me on another installment of Your Story. My sincere apologies for not posting last week, it was my father’s birthday and we had a well-deserved day of drinking on the beach! I’ll be back next Wednesday for more of Your Story so be sure to comment what you would like to see happen next 🙂

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