Meet the Character: Markhim

Today is Friday so it’s time for another character sketch! As you may have noticed, I’ve been highlighting some of the minor characters lately- characters who might not have their own POV chapters but who are still essential to the progression of the story’s arc. To check out a brief character sketch on my main characters, click here. I hope you enjoy this introduction to Markhim 🙂

“Markhim had skin cut like volcanic glass and warm brown eyes to match. His shiny black hair was ever in need of a cut and hung into his eyes giving him a rakish look. He grinned down at her and a familiar dimple appeared in his left cheek.”

–Jura, Ignited

Umm, am I still giving a SPOILERS warning?! If that’s still a thing, beware of spoilers for Ignited ahead:

At the start of Ignited, Markhim plays the role of Jura’s pseudo-boyfriend. The two share a strong friendship and it is clear that Jura hopes for something deeper. Then, just when Jura needs him the most, he disappears! Jerk.

As you might guess, his dramatic departure is not the last we’ll see of this dynamic character. Markhim works as a Light Guard in the Glass Palace. He and the other Light Guards maintain the safety and sacredness of the Everflame, the inextinguishable flame and everlasting deity for the people of the Republic of the Sand Sea.

Markhim is known for his almost unnatural good looks and his precision with a blade. A trained soldier- Markhim takes his duty and honor seriously. His deepest wish is to build a future with Jura but he worries they can never truly be together.

Find out more when Submerged release, July 29th!

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