Meet the Character: Kale

Hey y’all! Let’s meet Kale 🙂 Here is another character introduced for the first time in Submerged. Kale is an interesting character in that he gets one measly POV chapter but he was so much fun to write!

Kale lives in Aina, an underwater city ruled by the Wave Master and Admiral of the three oceans. Kale is a Kombu and works to protect the city and it’s people as a trained soldier. He is best friend’s with Mano, the future Admiral, and is secretly in love with Coral, Mano’s betrothed and daughter to the Wave Master.

Like all of the Kombu, Kale has access to wei, the source of their water power. Though war-like in nature, he and his people have been at peace for the last century. Kale values loyalty above all us- it’s what makes him such a good soldier.

Photo Credit: Michal Baran

” He was the supportive friend. He always would be. And that meant creating boundaries and sticking to them. Boundaries that included not pining after your friend’s betrothed like some love-sick land fool. ”

-Kale, Submerged

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