SIMs Let’s Play: Dance of the Elements (2)

Hello my loves! You might remember my post from last week where I was thrilled to introduce you to Melizzle, gamer and YouTuber, who is currently doing a spotlight on my Dance of the Elements series. Now, last week I shared her speed build of the glass arena found in the Republic of the Sand Sea. Rather than continue to share more set-up, I wanted to dive right into the episodes but you can watch the construction of the glass palace here and the character builds here. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t have to wait on me to post the next video!

Remember how I said she just grabs a book without asking? I just love that! It’s so interesting to watch how Melizzle manages to stay true to the basic story line within the confines of the game. Just wait until you see what she manages to do with Kay! I will be posting the next episode next Tuesday 🙂

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