Meet the Character: Denir

Ready for another character sketch? This is the last one before the release of Submerged this Monday (7-29-19) and I felt that y’all needed the spotlight on Denir because she is such an interesting character. If you’ve read Ignited, you know that Denir is a member of the Thirteen ( a group of ruling families in the Republic who compete against one another for political standing) and Tylak’s former lover.

Denir is an ambiguous player in the game and readers are left unsure of her motives after book one. After a series of events during the first book, Denir moves into the position of the Fourth- a very high Rank among the Thirteen. Denir seems to know everyone and she has a muddled past with more than just Tylak. Despite her relationship to the former Shadow Dancer, Denir spends the majority of Submerged interacting with Beshar.

You see, Denir has always been a woman to take charge and if you weren’t sure of her motives before, she makes them clear as the Glass Palace with her actions in Submerged. What do you think, friend or foe?

“The Fifth was in her mid-forties though her dark hair had not a streak of gray and her tanned skin was free from wrinkles. I hope I look as young in twenty years.

-Jura, Ignited

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