Meet the Character: Jangbahar Part Three

Welcome back everyone for another segment into my world. The next bit of the map I would like to dissect is the chain of islands known by the Republic as Is’Le’Spar . While there is mention of both these islands and it’s peoples in Ignited, it is not until Submerged that readers get to dive deeper into the kingdom under the sea.

Is’Le’Spar Islands:

Population- unknown

Language- Lesparan

Symbol/Flag- A green tree against a blue background.           

Little is known of the race of people who make their home where the Orreram meets the Bariq Sea. It is forbidden for outsiders to travel to the stretch of islands where the sea people live and so what little information is known about the sea people is all gathered from those brief interactions during trade. The third nation to complete the Tri-Alliance, the island people only interact with the mainland when they are in need of fresh supplies and to provide the Republic with fresh water.  The people are largely self-sustaining and it is believed their primary income comes from their fish and water trade.

While the above is shared knowledge within the continent, it is largely collected from data collected by the Kitoian yearly census. Although the sea people wish to maintain this veil of privacy, the truth is the kingdom is actually located in the depths of the Orerram at the base of an underwater waterfall known to the peoples as Aina. The people are able to make the ocean their home because they are all endowed with wei, a unique sense that enables one to manipulate water. The most powerful of the people is chosen as ruler and Wave Master and it is their sacred duty to tame the wild and tempestuous waves.

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