Your Story: Part Nine

Welcome back to another segment of your story 🙂 if you missed the first seven parts they can be found here. Part eight is summarized in italics down below, scroll down if you’re all caught up!

You still haven’t made a move for the shovel or my hand and both are stretched out toward you. I think you are frightened of me now and you’re still wondering how I even brought you here. I guess I still haven’t given you enough time to catch up to the moment. And for that I am sorry. You have to know that I never intended to make you suffer but if I’m being honest I should admit that I did want to hurt you, but only just a little.

Look at you there, trembling. Is it because you’re terrified of what I’ve done or are you just frightened of getting your hands dirty. Really dirty. Are you…are you scared of me? This shovel is heavy and the weight of it is solid and real between my fingers. The wood is worn smooth, this shovel is well used, sturdy. This shovel had stood the test of time. This shovel had buried many things and it would bury one more.

It’s only fair, okay?

You’re ignoring me now, aren’t you? Is it out of anger or fear or…you’re not bored with me, are you?

The shovels finally falls to the forest floor and though the woods are carpeted with thick grass and dewy moss, it makes a dull clang as it hits the ground. We all look toward the sound, or I guess we both do because although his eyes are open, that body, your “friend” will never see anything again.

Maybe that’s when I realize it. I’m wondering what I must do to gain your forgiveness and I think I’m crying now but at some point I’ve fallen to my knees and I don’t think you care. I shouldn’t have threatened you or made you feel like I could hurt you. I could never hurt you, I…

I do. I love you. And that’s what this all circles back to, right? Everything I’ve done was all for you, you know that. Now, more than ever before. I should probably take a deep breath and get back to my feet. There is still so much work to do and- oh good.

You’ve picked up the shovel…to be continued!

You’ve just read another segment of Your Story! I hope you’re enjoying the story so far 🙂 Do you have any suggestions for what should happen next? Drop them in the comments and I’ll include them in next week’s episode.

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