Meet the Character: Jangbahar Part 4

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re ready for another detailed look at my world, Jangbahar. If you’ve been following along you know that Jangbahar is a fictional continent made up for the Dance of the Elements series. Although the land mass is primarily governed by the Republic of the Sand Sea, there are several smaller countries each with their own unique culture.

Fan favorite, Kay, is from a territory of the Republic so we’ll finish up here before moving on to the other countries. Let’s take a closer look at Tirdrakor!


Population- 296,321

Language- Drakori and Jangba

Symbol/Flag- A golden sun setting behind a red mountain.

Tirdrakor is a small territory just to the west of the Republic. The land is made up of rolling hills and streams with fertile soil. It is mostly a farming nation, with the majority of its crops traded to the Republic. Though once a small kingdom with its own monarchy, Tirdrakor was swallowed up by the Republic during the reign of Gregor the Great. Much of the histories of Tirdrakor were lost during the Border Wars and its people were forced to orally pass on their traditions. As such, little is known of the country’s origins and it seems the only piece of their culture they were able to hang on to is their language.

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