Your Story: Part Ten

Thanks for joining me for the tenth installment of Your Story! Here is a link to last week’s post to help you catch up on the first nine parts. Scroll down for the action if you’re all caught up!

Somehow, the shovel appears different in your hands. No longer simply a tool, worn and weathered. Your fingers are tight around the length of the handle.

I can still hear your short shallow breaths and if it was cooler outside I would probably see little puffs of vapor as it escaped your hot mouth and hit the cool air. Your eyes are mean. I think you kinda hate me now and I don’t think there is much I can do at this point to change your mind. I shouldn’t have made you get your hands so dirty.

I can’t help but stare into your mean eyes because I don’t think I’ve ever seen them look at anything this way. Your eyes are hollow orbs, dark pools that pierce the thick armor of one’s mask and reveal the creature beneath and now they’re seeing me.

I am your dark creature.

I want to ask for the shovel but somehow I know you won’t give it to me. Your knuckles are white in their grip. No longer a tool, but a weapon. I can see it in those terrible eyes. I see the exact moment the idea comes to you.

You swing the shovel as hard as you can. Aim it at my temple. It happens so slowly that I have time to see it coming, to think about what I should do. Maybe I deserve this moment, possibly, I deserve that seething hatred I see in your eyes. Maybe I deserve all of this. Does it hurt, I wonder?

I could stop this now. Rush toward you, wrestle your weapon from your grasp. You’re not so strong. Perhaps I will bury you right beside your friend. But then…could you ever forgive me for that?

I think I understand exactly what makes you swing that shovel. I should probably duck but I don’t and it makes the most glorious crack and I..see…you.

Thanks for following along on this serial short story 🙂 What would y’all like to see next? A continuation of this story? A new interactive story in a new genre? Perhaps a space opera or love story? Drop your thoughts in the comments below, it’s all up to you because this is Your Story!

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