Meet the Character: Jangbahar Part 5

Hi y’all! Ready for another breakdown on a portion of my world? If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been sharing bits of my created world and setting from my Dance of the Elements series. I started the “tour” with a detailed look at the Republic of the Sand Sea. Not only does the Republic encompass the majority of the land mass, but it is also the primary setting for the series.

I struggled a bit in deciding what to share next- I wanted to be sure to highlight all the major character settings but it also seemed to make sense to keep things in check geographically. I eventually decided to share La’Nor simply because of its proximity to Tirdrakor. That means we will explore Shrivo in part six before exploring the dangerous northeast!



Language- Drakori and Jangba

Symbol/Flag- A flying dragon.

            La’Nor and Tirdrakor once made up the nation of Drakori. After the Border Wars, La’Nor was able to split off and form its own nation. Although they are loosely a territory of the Republic, the infertile lands and close proximity to the Wilds makes the land mostly uninhabited. Sparsely populated, the majority of its people are traveling merchants, dealing in trade routes for the Republic.

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