A Touch of Romance

Hi friends! I’m back from my hiatus with the hubby. We took time off to spend time together for our leather anniversary. Leather because it’s been three years of wedded bliss! I’ll be going back to our regularly scheduled posts on Wednesdays and Fridays but thought it would be fun to mix in a bit more romance. Don’t worry there will still be a healthy amount of fantasy but why not carry the love while I’m feeling it?

So what does this mean? I’ll be sharing some “romantic” excerpts from the Dance of the Elements series and taking a closer look at love triangles. Do you love them? HATE them? Does the romantic subplot deserve a place in every genre? Just some questions I’ll be dissecting 🙂

In the mean time enjoy some pictures of me and the hubby at our backyard wedding.

Are you married? Did you have a big party or an intimate ceremony? Tell me about it below!

3 thoughts on “A Touch of Romance

  1. Oh! I didn’t know about other type of anniversary other than silver, golden and diamond. I’m married but it was silent as night. But my life with him since that day 15 years ago one hell of an adventure. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    • I found a wonderful infographic on Pinterest with all the traditional gifts for each year. The gifts are strange which forces hubby and I to get creative with our gifts! Congratulations on 15 years strong! Thanks for sharing a part of your story with me. ♥️

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