Your Story- Romance Edition: Part One

You would think years of sneaking back into dorms past curfew would have prepared me better for this moment. That’s where my thoughts are in any case as I press my back up against the cool, stiff bricks of the building. It’s really cold outside but at least there isn’t a breeze and I swallow hard, determined to ignore the pinpricked skin that races down the length of my spine and raises the hairs of my arm.

I’m in trouble.

Of course. I probably wouldn’t be so cold if I had on clothes. I mean, I’m not naked. I do have on a bra that’s at least a size and a half too big because even though I’ve managed to lose three pounds I swear it’s all in my boobs. The bra is pink and has tiny yellow hearts all over it. It had matching panties to the set  but of course I’m not wearing those today. They’re probably hiding somewhere along the massive pile of dirty laundry that litters my bedroom floor. I swear I would rip off my pinky toe to be back in my messy room right now.

So here I am. Standing outside on a narrow window ledge on the fourteenth floor in nothing but my undies and this random oversized dress shirt I grabbed on my way out the window. I don’t even know who the shirt belongs to.

Lawd, help me.

This is the first segment of a serial short story! Want to suggest something to happen next? Tell me in the comments and I’ll be sure to include it in next week’s episode 🙂

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