Meet the Boys- Character Romance Edition

So I know I said I was back to our normal programming for Friday but…umm, I lied. Instead of another piece of the map and country dissection of Jangbahar, I’ve chosen to keep the theme going and now ask you to “Meet the Love Triangle! You already know Jura and I believe there have been some character sketches of both Markhim and Tylak but let’s take a closer look at how these two fit into Jura’s story. I’m including an excerpt from Submerged down below so watch for potential spoilers πŸ™‚

So… what’s a girl to do when they are BOTH brooding bad boys? Jura certainly doesn’t seem to know. What I enjoy writing the most about the interactions between these three characters is that while they are all vastly different they are still very similar at their core. This is something we find in real life situations as people are often drawn to people with similar interests. Both men grew up from an impoverished household and both hold an intrinsic dislike for the Thirteen ruling families (of which Jura belongs to the First) but they are also both different and I’m going to share some of those differences with you today.

While both of these brave men would do anything for Jura, Markhim would jump after Jura with both feet while Tylak would believe that Jura could handle herself. Both men are skilled fighters- Markhim with the skilled precision of a soldier and Tylak with the stealth and magic of a Shadow Dancer. Markhim represents stability and a piece of home while Tylak’s friendship was forged from adventure and respect.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

At the start of Ignited, Jura longs for a relationship from her friend, Markhim the Light Guard but he mysteriously disappears before Jura can take their relationship to the next step. When Tylak proves to be a faithful friend, Jura can’t deny the attraction between them. Of course, we wouldn’t have a love triangle if Markhim stayed gone. Check out this scene between Markhim and Tylak. As you can imagine, Tylak doesn’t care for the appearance of Jura’s old friend.

So do you think Tylak can survive the next book without punching Markhim? Who are you rooting for? Team Markhim or Team Tylak? Desperate to find out what the plans were for that night? Get your copy of Submerged here πŸ™‚

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