Your Story-Romance Edition: Part Two

Previously, on Your Story:

You would think years of sneaking back into dorms past curfew would have prepared me better for this moment. That’s where my thoughts are in any case as I press my back up against the cool, stiff bricks of the building. It’s really cold outside but at least there isn’t a breeze and I swallow hard, determined to ignore the pinpricked skin that races down the length of my spine and raises the hairs of my arm.

I’m in trouble.

Of course. I probably wouldn’t be so cold if I had on clothes. I mean, I’m not naked. I do have on a bra that’s at least a size and a half too big because even though I’ve managed to lose three pounds I swear it’s all in my boobs. The bra is pink and has tiny yellow hearts all over it. It had matching panties to the set  but of course I’m not wearing those today. They’re probably hiding somewhere along the massive pile of dirty laundry that litters my bedroom floor. I swear I would rip off my pinky toe to be back in my messy room right now.

So here I am. Standing outside on a narrow window ledge on the fourteenth floor in nothing but my undies and this random over-sized dress shirt I grabbed on my way out the window. I don’t even know who the shirt belongs to.

Lawd, help me.

But this is better than the alternative because no matter what I am NOT going back in there and facing him. Not today, maybe not ever. I’m still reeling from the fact that he brought her with him. And she’s so pretty, like that unfair pretty that comes naturally. The kind where you could dump her out of bed and spray her with a water hose and she would still look pretty…perfect hair, great smile…I hate her.

I’d told Evan I didn’t care what he did. That I was already over him and that I didn’t care if I never saw him again. And I had meant it, I really had. He wasn’t supposed to come home in the middle of his work day and he certainly wan’t supposed to bring her along.

So, okay. I can hear the crazy coming out of me. I know, I know I have made a string of irrational decisions over the course of the last fifteen hours but this was hands down the worst. There were any number of places I could have hidden inside the spacious apartment but no, my dumb-ass decided to climb outside! I would cringe if I wasn’t concentrating so hard on simply remaining balanced. Yup, definitely the worst decision of the day. Unless I count the decision to even come here in the first place.

I inch my way along the edge of the ledge, sliding my right foot out slowly and then dragging my left foot behind to meet it. My butt is pressed up against the cold glass window but I don’t dare turn around to double-check the blinds are still drawn. They should be, Evan was always complaining about the crappy views of on-going city construction his bedroom offered. He preferred the view from his roommate’s side of the apartment, not that he’d ever bothered to show them to me or even introduce me to the guy. Evan always just pulled me straight to his room. Just as he’d done with that too pretty girl inside.

Well, I thought to myself, I guess I’ll be seeing that view now. I swallow hard against another slight breeze and send another silent prayer up to anyone listening. You’ve got this, I remind myself. As long as I don’t look down…to be continued!

Are you enjoying the story so far? Do you have an awesome idea for what should happen next or even just a crazy suggestion to challenge me? Suggest it in the comments and I’ll incorporate it in next Wednesday’s edition. Don’t be shy to share your suggestions with me because this is, after all, Your Story!

3 thoughts on “Your Story-Romance Edition: Part Two

    • Loving the open window and the happy ending! Although I may wait a bit longer than next week before finishing up the story!

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