This Month’s Obsession: SEPTEMBER

So you might be thinking, wait a minute! Isn’t this a television show? Well, you’re not wrong! But. September has been a bit different on the blog so honestly it almost makes sense that I would shake up this segment too. Here are all the reasons I’m currently obsessed:

So yes, this is a television series but the beauty of it is that it released on Netflix! I adore a good Netflix Binge and I’m proud (am I proud though, really?) to announce I watched nearly the entire show in one sitting.

It has everything: friendship, love, political intrigue, large-scale rescue missions, the fate of the world…in short you should most definitely watch it because it’s great! If you watched the original film and were a fan, you’ll be happy to note the new television series boasts an all star cast and updated effects while still holding to the original content produced by Henson.

Y’all at times it was easy to forget I was watching puppets! Do yourself a favor and try the first episode, you won’t regret it.

Created by Jim Henson.

Other episode writers include: Jeffrey Addiss, Wil Matthews, David Slack, Richard Elliot, Simon Racioppa, Kari Drake, Margaret Dunlap, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, J. M. Lee and Vivian Lee

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