October, let’s get spooky!

Oh, October! This month makes me seriously happy, y’all. The weather finally starts to cool down, I get to start utilizing my extensive scarf selection and it becomes socially acceptable to be a witch in public. But what do I love most about October? The scary bits, of course. (And maybe partially the candy.)

I love horror movies and slasher films but does horror have a place in fantasy? This month I’ll dissect all the reasons why it works while also sharing snippets and excerpts from my “scariest” scenes. Be forewarned, this month will be heavy with spoilers for the Dance of the Elements series as I show you all the spooky moments, all the character deaths!

EEK! I can’t promise if my deaths scenes will be as creative as those above but they will definitely be more believable! What’s your favorite part about October? Do you like reading scary scenes or gory deaths or do you like to leave most of the violence up to imagination?Tell me your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the continuation of “Your Story“.

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