Your Story-Romance Edition: Part Three

Hello, everyone! Welcome back for another segment of Your Story. If you’ve been following along you can just read the next part down below. If you need to catch up on the first two parts, you can do so here.

I’m an idiot. I look down of course. I’m up way, way higher than I thought. The ledge is so narrow it’s hard to turn around. I can’t turn around. Not now that I’ve stupidly looked at the ground. I guess I’ll just have to live on this ledge forever. I can figure out a way to sleep standing up. I take a deep breath, snatching up air in my lungs in a desperate attempt to once again feel in control. I take another gasping breath and then another. You’re okay, I remind myself.

Another sliding step. Another. If Evan’s roommate keeps his window locked I’ll be screwed. I’ll have to slide my way all the way back to Evan’s room and crawl back in through his open window. Because that will go over so well. Hopefully he and his mystery girl stay out of the entryway bathroom where my dress is stuffed into the sink. I had panicked and ran at the sound of the opening door. Good thing too because it had been Evan with his new lady friend. I’d grabbed the dress shirt from the back of an armchair on my way to Evan’s room and out the window. It had all happened so quickly. A few more sliding steps. It can’t be much farther now. The window has to be unlocked. I tell myself it is, wishing the very thought into existence as I take another sliding step.

The music of Kenny G’s saxophone begins playing through Evan’s open window and I roll my eyes. Evan thought playing it made him seem mature and sexy. Jerkface loser. A few more of these sliding steps and I’ll be on my way to freedom. As long as I can hear the saxophone I’ll know he’s preoccupied. Ugh. We haven’t even been broken up a week. When he finds out what I’ve done I will die from embarrassment. I might just be able to make it out of here without Evan ever discovering my level of crazy if only I can sneak back in from his roommate’s room and out the door before Evan even leaves his room. Hurry then, you know you don’t have much time. Another sliding steps and my fingers are finally able to brush up against the handle of the giant window.

Huh. Evan was right. His roommate does have a much nicer view. The city is beautiful. Everyone so busy down below. The rolling stretch of green from the park, the downtown high-rises, I can see everything.

The window slides open and I fall backwards and into his arms with a startled yelp. I’ve been caught! But these arms are unfamiliar, too long, too muscular to belong to my Evan. His roommate? My feet are safe and planted on his carpet as I turn to glare at him but he’s no attacker.

“I was looking for that shirt.”

to be continued!

I hope you enjoyed today’s installment of “Your Story.” Do you think the roommate will her her leave without getting caught by Evan? What should we name our MC and the roommate? Any crazy ideas for next week? Tell me all your ideas in the comments down below and I’ll incorporate them in the segment of “Your Story!”

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