Meet the Character: Shadow Dancers

Every story needs a secret group of assassin spies run by a sadistic evil queen, am I right?

The Shadow Dancers were said to be a secret group of assassins, thieves and spies. There was no proof of their existence and many believed the guild was nothing but a story to frighten children.

Ignited, Chapter Two

The Shadow Dancers begin as an abstract idea. Jura questions their existence even as she launches a wild plan to seize the attention of their leader, Adham, Prince of Shadows. The network of spies does in fact exist and the secret guild all share one remarkable ability in common. The ability to bend light around themselves, the ability to make themselves disappear.

As you can imagine, the ability to disappear makes easy work for spies. Later, Jura is able to confirm the existence of Shadow Dancers after she has a few messy interactions. Readers will also note that a Shadow Dancer eventually captures Kay and steals her from her home. We later discover that the Prince of Shadows works directly under the Queen of Shadows, a formidable leader with unique and mysterious powers of her own.

The Shadow Dancers and their queen are vital to the Dance of the Elements series and I enjoyed developing the unique culture they hold as their own.

In fact, I enjoyed developing Shadow Dancers so much that I chose to dress as one for Halloween last year. As a special treat, scope out the picture of me in costume! I chose to wear my throwing knives but the weapon of the Shadow Dancer varies due to personal taste.

What do you think of Shadow Dancers? I have to say they make a great concept for a costume if nothing else! What do you plan to dress up as this year? I need suggestions!

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