Spooking the Heroine

She would have screamed but a gloved hand quickly clamped over her mouth. Jura’s eyes widened and she struggled under the weight of the Shadow Dancer.

From Ignited, Chapter Fifteen

That poor, pitiful main character. Writers have to make them suffer because readers want to experience the main character’s growth. How can they achieve anything if they start out happy and on top and…just…stay that way? Boring! No one wants that. Readers want characters who struggle, characters who fight with everything they have and overcome despite all odds.

That’s what I’ve convinced myself in any case. Maybe I just enjoy being sadistic?

In any case, I thought it would be fun to list all the ways I scare/torment my main characters during just the first book in the Dance of the Elements series. Please enjoy 🙂

Killed her guard. Attempt on her life. Imprisonment. Placed a blood chain on her father. Attempt on his life. Put a snake in her bed. Attempt on her life. Killed parents. Kidnapping. Attempt on her life. Killed friend. Breaking and Entering. Probably some more people died. So…umm, people try to kill her. A lot. Trust me, it makes for good fiction.

What do y’all think? Must the hero be terrorized in order to write a good story? Share some examples where this is not the case!

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