Your Story-Romance Edition: Part Four

Hey y’all, welcome back to another edition of “Your Story.” To catch up on parts one and two click here. And for part three click here. If you’re already caught up just scroll below the picture and enjoy!

SO. This is embarrassing. I search my brain for something to say but all I can do is think about how incredibly awkward this situation is, about how I’m practically naked standing next to the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in real life!

The deep baritone of his voice surprises me. His tone is smooth, crushed velvet on freshly shaven legs. His eyes are piercing, his intense gaze seemed to staring right through to that secret part of me. He towers over me, but not in an intimidating way. Unless you count how intimidating it is to be around a guy this insanely hot.

He’s like, T.V. show hot. Seriously, this guy belongs on The Bachelor with thirty neurotic psychos chasing after him. Hell, I was about to join them. This guy doesn’t even have a shirt, just a pair of dress pants pulled up about his waist, zipped but unbuttoned. I watch as he grabs a T-shirt off the bed and stretches it over him. Even covered, his chest and shoulders ripple with the faint outline of his muscles. He’s cut, but not in an obnoxious body builder type of way and how is he so tan?

He is staring at me expectantly and I realize I must have missed a question but even when he repeats it all I can do is stare at his mouth. Focus! He’s talking again!

Lawd, give me strength.


I blink in surprise. Izzy? I’m Izzy! He knows my name!

“It is Izzy, isn’t it? Is everything…all right?”

Get it together girl! “Izzy.” I manage to repeat my name. Say something else! Anything else. “I’m Izzy and I’m wearing your shirt.” Great, you stated the obvious. Now he thinks I’m an idiot. Why am I such an idiot?

“I can’t give it back to you just yet because all I have on underneath are mybraandpantiesandtheydon’tmatch.” I said the last bit in a rush, one long whoosh of word vomit and I wanted to melt into the soft carpet and die. I settle for sitting on the edge of his bed and inhaling shakily.You will not have a panic attack. You will not have a panic attack.

I feel the opposite side of the bed shift as his weight settles in…to be continued!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of “Your Story” If you have any suggestions for names or ideas for what should happen next you can tell me in the comments and I’ll be sure to include them in next Wednesday’s edition of “Your Story.

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