Your Story-Romance Edition: Part Five

Happy Hump Day and welcome back to another edition of Your Story. Here is a link for last week’s post if you need to catch up on the back story.

I want to ask him not to sit down but it’s his bed and I’m the one who stole his dress shirt and broke into his room. Once again my thoughts dart back to the entry way bathroom and my dress still soaking in the sink. I’d done more than make a mess of my wardrobe, I’d made a mess of my life.

I can feel him staring at me. I want to die so badly that at least I can definitively say it is impossible to kill oneself by sheer will alone. Also, impossible to make your self disappear or to crack open the ground with your non-existent telekinesis and oh God he’s waiting on me to say something again and I haven’t been listening! Maybe he wants his shirt back? Doesn’t he have other shirts?

“It’s soaking!” The words practically leap from my mouth and I have no idea if that’s even what he asked me or not. I finally force myself to meet his amused expression.

“Hey, I get it. I’m a bit fixated on what you’re wearing myself.” He stands up and walks to the opposite side of the room and I take the moment to study the chipped black polish of my fingernails to calm my rapid breathing.

Seconds later a pair of sweatpants falls on my lap, followed by a hoodie. I sneak a peek but Mr. Sexy seems to have left the room so I pull the clothing on as quickly as possible. I didn’t need to rush though because he doesn’t come back and I’m left awkwardly sitting on his bed and wondering if I should leave…then I notice the sax has stopped playing.

Dang it, I’m out of time there. Evan and his lady friend could leave his room at any moment and I had hoped to be long gone from the apartment before that ever happened. Well, at least now I have on actual clothing and I’m not still stuck on a ledge.

That’s when I hear it. My ringtone. For Evan. Because of course I left my phone with my soiled dress and of course Evan would choose now to call me! Why is he calling me?!

What should I do? Go find my phone or wait for Evan to find it for me? And what happened to Mr. Sexy? Maybe I can just pull the covers up over my head and hope I wake up from this nightmare? I’m physically pulling them up when there’s a knock on the closed bedroom door…to be continued!

Thanks for reading the latest segment of “Your Story!” If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see happen next you can leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to incorporate them in next week’s installment 🙂

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