Your Story-Romance Edition: Part Six

Welcome back to another edition of “Your Story.” You can catch up on last week’s episode here. If you’re all caught up, scroll down and enjoy!

How crazy is it to just pretend I don’t hear and ignore the knocking? Would they just go away?

I squeeze my eyes shut and try one really hard just one last time to teleport myself but it doesn’t work and I hear the door creak open.

“Evan?” Please, don’t be Evan.

“It’s Cam.”

Mr. Sexy is back! My eyes pop open and meet his amused stare. He holds my cell phone up and gives it a little shake before tossing it toward me. I miss, and it bounces on the bed beside me. I have five missed calls. One from Evan and four from Stephanie who is probably on her way here now.

“Thank-you!” I scramble to my feet, once again grateful for the baggy sweatpants. “It’s nice to officially meet you. My name is Izz—”

“I know.” He interrupts me. “And it is nice to officially meet you, Izzy.”

I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from squealing when he stretches his fingers toward mine for a handshake. I might have continued holding his hand, marveling at it if my phone didn’t buzz in the other with a text from Stephanie: I’m skipping class and heading over there! You better still be alive because if Evan or anyone else chopped you up into little Izzy bits I will chop off their balls.

Heh, I smirk at the phone and type out a quick response: I’m ok- will explain more later. X

“Sorry, my friend was worried.”

Cam raised his eyebrow. “Oh? Did she know about your bold plan to scale my apartment building?”

She definitely hadn’t. I hadn’t even had a plan, not really. I wanted my copy of The Princess Bride back, I wanted to see if he had moved on.

My phone buzzes again but not with Stephanie’s response.

It’s a text from Evan: Are you here?!

“None of this was part of the plan.” I mumbled back before tossing my phone back on to the bed. Evan can wait…to be continued!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s “episode” of Your Story. If you have any thoughts on where you’d like to see the story go you can tell me in the comments and I’ll incorporate your ideas in next week’s installment. We’re back to monsters on the blog tomorrow! 🙂

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