This Month’s Obsession: October

This month’s obsession is the Rituals of the Night series by Kayla Krantz. This series just released its fourth title on what is a planned nine book series; good news if you find yourself a fan!

Firstly, I’m in love with this bookstagram! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it actually tells the story of the book as both the knife and Chance’s truck are integral to the plot.

There are so many things I love about these books. It’s a great spooky read if you are looking to keep the horror theme going after Halloween. Dead by Morning gave me serious Freddy Kreuger vibes and the entire plot was reminiscent of the fun slasher films made popular in the 80s. Luna is a likeable main character and I enjoyed the paranormal aspects as well as the many plot twists throughout the series.

“He was real, and he was a monster.”

Obsession is deadly.

No one learns that better than Luna Ketz, a pessimistic high school senior. Caught between the intentions of her Muslim father and business-minded mother, boys are the last thing on Luna’s mind, but this fact doesn’t detour mysterious bad boy Chance Welfrey from trying to gain her affection. Luna doesn’t think twice about him until girls at their high school begin to disappear. Girls who tended to hurt her.

Girls she wished would disappear.

When she receives a call from a long-lost friend, normalcy goes out the window as she’s plunged into the paranormal. There’s a world beneath the surface of the unconscious mind, and the killer knows how to navigate it. Luna is in danger and although she can avoid the killer in reality, she cannot avoid him in her dreams.

*Rated for mature adult themes and depictions of violence*

Blurb from Dead by Morning by Kayla Krantz

I need to step up my bookstagram skills! Anyhow, the first book has a satisfying ending while still pulling you to read the next book in the series.

If you’re interested in viewing the series page on Amazon, click here.

Do you plan on giving this series a try? Have you already? Tell me what you though about it below in the comments. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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