It’s day four of national novel writing month and I am safe from behind my pre-scheduled posts! I had the thought that I probably won’t feel much like hammering out additional words after marathon writing until my brain turns to mush but also I don’t want to break the habit of the daily blog. So I think I found a compromise…

My game plan is for this month to be NaNoWriMo themed! What does this mean for the blog? Instead of having a daily article or story, I’ve chosen to share my favorite line written from the daily writing sesh. This means the posts will come at sporadic times as I struggle to reach my daily word count of 2,500 while juggling my busy home schedule. Maybe I’ll share longer excerpts too if I’m feeling frisky!

Since I’ll be working on Windswept (book three of the Dance of the Elements series) you can probably expect spoilers from Ignited and Submerged but I’ll try to keep those at a minimum.

As terrified as I am by this daunting challenge…I am equally excited. Crazy, right? But I thrive under pressure and I think this will be just the shot of motivation needed to finish Windswept.

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