Your Story-Romance Edition: Part Eight

Hello! It’s a hump day miracle! Just kidding. I scheduled this post so this is technically me from the past peeping in on y’all here in the future and…now my brain hurts. Here is a link to last week’s post. If you’re ready to see what happens next scroll down and start reading!

A wedding? I push my hair out of my eyes and eyeball him. He’s even sexy when he’s putting on socks. I sit up a bit straighter so I can watch him. I know, I can hear myself…how ridiculous I sound, but it’s true. Mr. Sexy…Cam…he’s a distraction.

“I’m sorry. I hope I haven’t made you late.” I force the words out of my mouth. Force a smile on my face. I’ve been way too emotional today.

“Nah, I’ll doubt they’ll start without me. Courtney is gonna be pissed though.”

Who is Courtney? I bite the tip of my tongue to stop myself from asking the question out loud. She has to be the bride. Or his date. It’s none of my business I remind myself but I can’t help but wonder and Oh God what if it’s his wedding and I’m making him late by panting after some almost-married man! Pull yourself together, Izzy. Get your things and get out of here! “Why will she be so angry?” Dang it. My mouth has a mind of its own.

“She says I’m late to everything. Made me swear I’d be there early today.” He glances down at his watch. “I’m still okay on time.”

I grab my phone in an attempt to gather my things but then I remember that I don’t have anything else with me. My shoes and dress are probably still in the hall bathroom. Double dang it.

“You’re scared to go out there, aren’t you?” He places what I’m sure is supposed to a comforting hand on my shoulder but I flinch from the unexpected contact.

“I can go out and get the rest of your things and I have your copy of The Princess Bride, but I don’t recommend scaling back down.”

I feel the heat rush into my face. “No, I don’t…wait you said you would get my movie for me?”

Now it’s his turn to look embarrassed. “Yeah, I actually have it in here. I didn’t know it was yours,” he hurried to explain as he strode across the room to his television and his Play Station resting beneath. “I loved this movie when I was little, haven’t seen it in years though.” He ejects the film and slides it into the case before handing it back to me.

Okay, I’m definitely not imagining that spark of electricity when his fingers brush against mine.

“I really need to leave for my sister’s wedding.” He mumbles.

Oh thank you, Jesus! It’s his sister. It’s not my imagination, he’s definitely staring at my lips. Courtney is his sister and I’m not making this up Mr.Sexy is definitely interested in me. I lean forward ever so slightly…

The pounding knock that reverberates from the door sounds as if the police are trying to bust down the latest meth ring. We both jump, the moment lost as Evan’s voice carries through.

“Cam, open the door! I think my crazy ex is hiding in your room.” He doesn’t wait for a response before the door swings open…to be continued!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of “your Story.” If you’d like to contribute to next week’s episode you can comment your suggestions and I’ll incorporate them in the next edition!

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