NaNo Day 9 Progress & Excerpt

What’s this? A Saturday post? I told you things might get a bit crazy this month!

I’ve been steadily plugging away on Windswept and need to spend some time this afternoon or tomorrow updating both the progress bar and my word count tracker on the NaNoWriMo site.

BUT! I said I would share some first draft excerpts with you so I thought I would share some Amira. Y’all might remember the real Amira was locked away for much of the first two books but I’m so thrilled she’s free and coming into her own in this title. Here’s a tiny bit of a scene I enjoyed writing about her.

Amira lifted her chin and folded her arms across her chest. The motion was familiar, something the old Amira would do. She felt like two people, riven by the trauma and stress. She would never be the same, she knew that, but in the quiet hidey hole of her rented room these last three days Amira had almost convinced herself that she could be. She could be herself again.


Are any of y’all participating in NaNoWriMo? If so, how’s it going? Have a great weekend, everyone!

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