Alexis Marrero Deese is an avid reader of young adult and fantasy. Her favorite authors include Brandon Sanderson, Jaqueline Carey, and Rick Riordin. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and a sun tan she misses dearly since her move to northern Georgia. She has a passion for cooking, spends entirely too much time on Pinterest, and is a self-proclaimed dog training expert to her family’s legion of dogs.

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  1. Hi!

    I am on a book selection committee in my state and I would like to see more indie authors on our list. I am looking for middle grade authors, specifically ones that have books that are published in 2023. If you have any books that would qualify, please let me know. If you could connect me with other authors that would be wonderful as well.

    FYI – I found you on myindiebookshelf 🙂

    • Hello! I would be thrilled to be included and I’m happy to connect you with other middle grade authors as well.
      My Tales of a Sixth-Grade Werecat series currently has two books out with the third installment set to release this October.
      Please send any information you need my way via email authoramdeese@gmail.com

      Thanks, have a great day!

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