Dance of the Elements:

An Eternal Flame.

A Powerful Secret.

The Republic of the Sand Sea is a dangerous land where fire wielders are forced to battle dragons for the entertainment of the wealthy families.
There are none wealthier or more dangerous than the Thirteen.

But the First of the Thirteen has gone missing and Jura, his only heir, is thrust into a world of political intrigue and threats from assassins.

In the arena, Ash, a retired Fire Dancer, is determined to reclaim his glory, no matter the unthinkable cost. Might the life of a captured child be the ultimate price?

Beshar, Tenth of the Thirteen, knows that true power comes from knowledge. But is information worth sparking a dangerous new friendship with the First family?

Water is currency and enemies lurk around every corner. The stakes are high in the games of court and the players are running out of time before everything is…Ignited.

A Broken Alliance.

A Hidden Prophecy.

The Tri-Alliance is shattered and puppets control the once proud Republic of the Sand Sea. Jura and Tylak travel to the golden city of Kitoi in search of a way to slow the impending war.

Meanwhile, Coral, daughter of the Wave Master, has plans of her own to infiltrate the golden city. She thirsts for vengeance and won’t let anything get in her way, not even one of the Thirteen.

Ash has found a way to reclaim his former glory in the arena but news of his wonder child brings him to the attention of dangerous and powerful people.

The Queen of Shadows grows ever more powerful and Jura is desperate to stop her and rescue her friends. With the drums of war beating faster and secrets surfacing all around her, Jura and her allies must stop the Queen of Shadows before the Sand Sea is submerged in chaos.

A Missing God.

A Secret Kingdom.

The Everflame once again walks the earth. The disappearance of their god leaves the Republic of the Sand Sea in chaos.

Tylak journeys across the desert and into the Wilds in a desperate attempt to rescue Jura from the aliferous, mysterious winged beings believed to be extinct.

Kay, the wonder child, has escaped the arena but at a terrible cost.

Beshar has lost all Rank and now fights to find a new purpose in life.

Coral finds an unlikely ally in Amira as they enter the great dance for power.

More secrets will be exposed before Jura finally receives some answers. Will she be able to save her people before she is swept away?

Dance of the Elements Novellas:

“Run, Kay. Run now. Don’t stop.”

Her parents’ warning haunts her. It had been a mistake to show her true power. Enslaved to train as a Fire Dancer, Kay’s only goal is to get back home. But escape won’t come easy. Not only is Kay kept on a strict schedule, but all eyes are on her due to her unique abilities to Breathe fire, a level of talent not often seen in the arena, the prime property.

But she’s not the only one who wants to go home.

It’s not easy to trust Wallace, but when the boy offers her only chance at escape, she doesn’t have much of a choice. Wallace is certain he can sneak them out past the catacombs, the den of dragons, if only Kay steals the map that will guide them.

Their plan is dangerous and wild, but Kay doesn’t care. She’ll do whatever it takes to get back home because her parents told her to run, and that’s exactly what she plans to do.

Tales of a Sixth Grade Werecat:

No one ever expects to transform into a werecat on the last day of summer.

Felix Woolfe is tired of the teasing and name calling from Ethan, his arch nemesis since the third grade. But this year will be different because Felix is determined to enter sixth grade with a clean slate since accepting Ethan’s dare will prove once and for all he’s no scaredy-cat.

And when that dare is to enter the home of the town witch, you do it…right?

Felix gets more than he bargained for when his dare leads to a transformation, complete with healing powers, super speed, and…a tail?

Felix proves he’s no scaredy-cat but is he ready to pay the price? Will his newfound abilities help him stop Ethan or will sixth grade be the worst year of his life?

On the first day of sixth grade, Felix Woolfe turned into a cat.

As it turns out, becoming a werecat is just the first sign of trouble ahead. Miss Gray, Felix’s mentor and fellow werecat, tries to warn him about werewolves, witches, and Were hunters, a dangerous type of witch who hunts Weres like them. When a strange family moves across the street, Felix is suspicious of their son, a sixth-grade student like him.

Then Miss Gray goes missing.

The timing convinces Felix that the new family is filled with dangerous Were hunters and that they have Miss Gray trapped in their home. Felix must find Miss Gray and discover how to stop the would-be hunters. He’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means using forbidden magic.

Will Felix be able to channel his powers and destroy the threat of hunters? Or will using new magic only be the beginning of a long game of cat and mouse?

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