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Gross, Another Love Triangle

Love triangles seem to be a necessary evil, especially in the Young Adult genre. But do they all suck? I certainly don't think so! In fact, if done well, love triangles can actually help characterize your heroine WHILE adding drama and suspense to the subplot. Instead of dissecting all the reasons the crappy love triangles… Continue reading Gross, Another Love Triangle

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Meet the Character: Jangbahar Part 4

Hello, everyone! I hope you're ready for another detailed look at my world, Jangbahar. If you've been following along you know that Jangbahar is a fictional continent made up for the Dance of the Elements series. Although the land mass is primarily governed by the Republic of the Sand Sea, there are several smaller countries… Continue reading Meet the Character: Jangbahar Part 4

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SIMs Let’s Play: Dance of the Elements (3)

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was release day for Submerged and after the online launch I celebrated with friends. devoured sushi and fried rice and copious amounts of sake. It was awesome 🙂 Before our dinner out, my hubby and I hosted a screening of Kay's cinematic adventure- a fifteen minute fan film that left us all… Continue reading SIMs Let’s Play: Dance of the Elements (3)